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Sustainable Rail

Rail is the most sustainable transport mode for urban rail, long distance high speed, and rail freight... for now. Will it continue? What will be the role of train control systems like ETCS/ERTMS in releasing more capacity with the same track? Will we see hydrogen fuelled locomotives, or is electrification the universal solution?

Clean Urban Logistics

The EU is committed to achieving essentially CO2 free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030. This is a huge task, in that above the 3.5t van, there are no fully electric trucks on the market. Whilst many manufacturers have designs standing by for hybrid vehicles, these will not be wholly CO2 free. Can we meet this goal with consolidation centres, cycle deliveries, policy, logistics practice or regulation?

Intelligent Mobility

Radical new technologies are emerging that within a generation will transform everyday journeys. Massive enhancements of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are merging vehicle to infrastructure (V2X) and vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication to create Co-operative Intelligent Systems (C-ITS) with the concomitant deployments of 5G and WAVE. Just how well and far will Future Mobility be Intelligent and Smart?

Britain is on the verge of a transport revolution. For much of the past half century, many of the improvements to transport have been gradual and incremental, and focused on increasing the capacity of existing infrastructure to meet growing demand. Yet today, radical new technologies are emerging that within a generation will transform everyday journeys. Zero tailpipe emission cars are replacing those powered by fossil fuels. Self-driving vehicles will soon allow disabled people and older people to enjoy the freedom to travel that the rest of us take for granted. And advances in data will improve the way that transport services are devised, planned and delivered for the passenger. Such fundamental change in transport within a relatively short period of time and across so many different technologies is unprecedented.
- Jesse Norman Minister of State for Transport March 2019